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At Purely Tech Recruitment, our mission is to bridge the gap between exceptional technologists and forward-thinking organizations. We strive to empower our clients and candidates by fostering genuine connections, understanding their unique needs, and identifying solutions. 

Services We Offer

Direct Hire

Let us find the ”one” for your team! Our direct hire placement service connects you with technical professionals who not only excel in their field but also share your company’s values and vision. We ensure a pure match that lasts.

Personalized Job Search

We’ll help you navigate the job market, identify opportunities, and match you with relevant job openings that align with your skills, experience, and preferences. We’ll save you time and effort by presenting you with opportunities that truly fit your profile.

Talent Mining

Navigating the vast talent landscape can be overwhelming. Let us be your guiding light. Our sourcing service illuminates the path to promising tech candidates, providing you with a carefully curated list of names and LinkedIn profiles. Empower your recruitment team to chart their own recruitment destiny with confidence and efficiency.

Customized Resume Writing

If you are in need of additional assistance with your resume, our professional resume writers will collaborate with you to understand your unique background, skills, and career goals. They’ll create a customized resume that effectively showcases your qualifications and presents you as the ideal candidate for your target roles.

Meet the founder behind our success

Karin Prah

Founder + Technical Recruiter

“Karin is, without a close second, the most gifted, organized, and tenacious talent acquisition professional I’ve ever worked with at any company. It’s not just her ability to find unicorns that is so exceptional, but the way she communicates her excitement about the role to candidates is infectious and, in turn, builds their excitement. I cannot stress how critical Karin has been for our growth and success.”


Chief Operation Officer

“Karin is a fantastic tech recruiter who has a distinct ability to find strong candidates with deep technical expertise and provide a great experience going through the interview process. She is also a strong leader and advisor to her internal stakeholders and takes the time to gain an understanding of the particular roles and how they work within the teams.”


Recruiting Manager, Tech Talent

“I spent 20 years looking for someone with Karin’s ability to find top talent, she is a Unicorn.”  “She is BY FAR the best recruiter I have had the pleasure of working with.” 


Founder/President Consulting Firm

“Having worked with Karin extensively for nearly a decade, I have grown to trust her above all others within her industry. Her honest, realistic approach to what can be a daunting process I find indispensable. She will not tell me what I want to hear, she will tell me the truth, which is a rare attribute not found in excess within her field.” 


Service Delivery Manager

“An expert in finding and hiring top talent in the tech/consulting industry. Those who have been recruited by her would say she goes above and beyond throughout the recruiting/hiring process and she’s wonderful to work with. She truly cares about providing candidates with the best hiring experience.”


Director of People & Culture

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